Nittany Notes Are...

Timely: Your notes are made available the day following class after 6 pm*.

Comprehensive: We make available every class that meets** during the semester in which testable material is covered (including movies, guest lecturers, etc.). Once a day's notes are made available for sale (6pm the day following class), they will be sold at any time during the semester, enabling you to reinforce any topic at any time.

Detailed: Any material considered testable will be included on that particular day's notes. Unlike textbooks and study guides, Nittany Notes helps you to learn the exact level of detail the professor is teaching; you can study efficiently and powerfully by avoiding getting "bogged down" in untestable, minute detail.

Organized: Our notes are put in an easy-to-study, outline format which includes bolding, italicizing, and underlining of key terms and major points to aid you in determining what is important...quickly and easily.

Quality: We critique our Notetakers on style, format, grammar, spelling, and readability issues consistently throughout the semester. We, also, have students fill out evaluation forms to aid us in watching note content (making sure what is important is in the notes) and notetaker style. Additionally, notetakers buying notes for other courses fill out evaluations on note content and readability.

Informative: In addition to lecture material, all in-class announcements are recorded and available with the corresponding day's notes free of charge.

A time-tested method of study: With 28+ years of experience in the notes' industry, Nittany Notes has proven itself to the majority of Penn State students as an effective way to study for exams, write papers, and learn course material. 

A future reference source: Did you know Nittany Notes regularly sells notes to professionals, professors, and other non-students as a means of educating themselves? Why read an entire chapter in an old textbook when you can read 2 pages of Nittany Notes and learn all the important terms and ideas?

An answer key for lecture: When you buy a book of physics, chemistry, or business logistics problems, you can also buy an answer key, right? Well, why not buy an answer key for your lectures? Want to know if a certain topic is important to know? Your Nittany Notes are the answer: they contain only testable material. So if it's in the notes; it could be on the test.

Nittany Notes are the perfect academic supplement. By going to class and studying typed, organized, and detailed Nittany Notes, you will

Be on Your Way to an A!

* At times, Nittany Notes, realizing students' hectic schedules, grants special check-in extensions to notetakers.  Your patience in waiting for these notes is appreciated.
** Nittany Notes provides for classes only on its Official Course List.