There are 3 ways notes can be purchased in our office:

Semester Packs- The entire semester's notes. This is the least expensive and most convenient way to purchase Nittany Notes. This is how it works: when you purchase a semester pack, you will be given all the notes up to the date of purchase for your course. Then, you'll be issued a red card allowing you:  to skip lines that form at the office, to pick up the notes for your course as soon as they are made available, and to pick up the notes at your convenience as the notes accumulate in your personal file folder until you pick them up.
Exam Packs- This is all the notes in your course for one exam period. It is everything you need to study for your upcoming exam. Exam packs are only available one week before your exam, and they are priced according to the number of exams in your course. If you purchase an exam pack and some of the notes for that exam period are not yet available, you'll be issued a yellow card which allows you to pick up the remaining days of the current exam period as soon as they are available.
Daily notes- All the testable lecture material presented during one day's class available for sale at any time during the semester.