The Nittany Notes Advantage:

 25+ years ago, the owner of Nittany Notes patterned his notes concept after Medical School lecture note policies.  These policies do not allow Medical students to take notes; they must buy the typed notes.  Medical Schools enforce these policies for the reasons found in studies and research.  The results of these studies/research form the foundation of the Nittany Notes concept.  We offer these facts to help you gain an understanding of the benefits of using typed, organized notes and how you can use Nittany Notes most effectively.


 1.  The studying of notes is more important than the process of recording them.

 2. Studying from organized, typed notes is more effective and efficient than studying from hand-prepared notes.

 3. Even the A student only records 62% of lecture material presented in class.


Go to class, and take your own notes.  Compare your notes to the Nittany Notes and add to the Nittany Notes any additional information you get in class.  Now, you will have a more complete set of notes and an excellent, easy-to-study format.



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